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Learn How Pelvic Floor Issues wreack havoc on your body also causing prostatitis & what to do to fix it. Find out what the symptoms are. Provided you have not been diagnosed with any medical issues, I can you help with this through trigger point, massage, alignment, prostate massage, proper diet, nutrients, stretching, breath work (extremely important), meditation etc. I treat the body as a whole hence holistic.

There can also be other underlying issues such as IBS, Leaky Gut, food intolerance, stress, inflammation, alcohol, not enough fiber. Yet in the United States, the land of plenty, online and in doctors offices we rarely hear about nutrient deficiency or metabolic syndrome when discussing pelvic floor problems (also causing other issues such as pseudo prostatitis when there is no real medical evidence proving this is indeed your issue). A 2014 study in Nature makes the point that Americans are starving. We aren't lacking for food, but we ARE lacking in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that make us healthful human beings.

Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is nutrient deplete. 

And why wouldn't it be with our processed foods and our soil that has been ravaged by mono-cropping systems heavily reliant upon herbicides that kill all the life-giving microbes in our soils?

Did you know that without soil-based microbes there are loads of nutrients that a plant can not extract from even the most fertile of soils? 
And if the nutrients aren't in the plants (that we consume), then they are not in the animals or animal that eat the plants (that we also consume). 

And if the nutrients aren't in our food, then they certainly are not in our bodies. 
Interestingly enough, even when we eat food from sustainably operated farms with healthy soils rich in microbes. It doesn't necessarily make up for decades of exposure to antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, pesticides and herbicides ingested intentionally or absorbed via our environment. All of these chemical concoctions kill the microbes that should be residing in our gut. And just like plants and when we don't have the necessary microbes living in our guts then WE TOO can't absorb nutrients. 

Our lifeless soils, dysbiotic guts, processed food diets, and sedentary lifestyles are ALL working together to contribute to the problem